1. Leicester was awarded status of the first Environmental City in the UK, due to its “commitment to continuous environmental improvement involving the whole city community.”
  2. Friends Of The Earth have a base right here in Birmingham, with an online blog, podcast and even videos, as well as the usual information on how to do your bit.
  3. Birmingham contributes 500,000 tonnes of industry and commercial waste to the ongoing wastage of resource within the UK.
  4. Your local area most likely does have recycling facilities available right at your doorstep. If you aren’t sure, check out http://www.recyclenow.com/.
  5. 264 Selly Oak Road, Bournville – one of the UK’s few environmentally friendly home.
  6. The Green Party have 110 councillors across the UK and are fighting to get one in Birmingham.
  7. 9 youngsters have been crowned West Midlands Region Youth Climate Change champions by the Prime Minister.
  8. Travel West Midlands have a full environmental policy to help improve the Midlands and condense the effects of climate change.
  9. Groundwork West Midlands is an environmental regeneration group set up to help the improvement of the environment.
  10. The UK’s first trade show aimed at engineers and plant managers in charge of environmental compliance takes place on 11th and 12 of March 2008.